Akrapovic Ducati Multistrada Racing Exhaust

Akrapovic Ducati Multistrada Racing Exhaust

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  • An exclusive accessory made by Akrapovič and equipped with titanium-lined silencer and carbon endcap, for an exceptionally lightweight design. Typical racing materials are combined with the supplied map, which adapts all the parameters of DTC - DWC - DPL and DSC to the bike's new performance, increasing its torque and maximum power.
  • Boasting a touch of sportiness with a racing style, it’s the perfect exhaust for bringing out the all the Multistrada’s character with maximum performance.

Technical Data

  • Estimated Installation Time [Min] : 240
  • Max. Power [Hp] : +9.0
  • Max. Torque [Nm] : +6.9
  • Weight Reduction [Kg] : 5.0

Fits On

  • Multistrada V4,
  • Multistrada V4s,
  • Multistrada V4s Travel,
  • Multistrada V4s Travel Radar,
  • Multistrada V4s Full,
  • Multistrada V4s Performance,
  • Multistrada V4s Sport,
  • Multistrada V4s Radar,
  • Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak,
  • Multistrada V4 Rally Radar,
  • Multistrada V4 Rally Travel Radar,
  • Multistrada V4 Rally Full,
  • Multistrada V4 Grand Tour

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